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Our Kananaskis Scavenger Hunt allows your group to do some team building and to fully experience this beautiful mountain location. Our Kananaskis team building scavenger hunt comes with a “Call of the Wild” theme. Each group is assigned an animal and tasks throughout the session are related to that animal. This activity is offered both in the summer and winter and is appropriate for any group staying in the village. A key feature of this activity is that it is station-based. This means that groups rotate through various stations and at each one, there is a task to be performed. These tasks are awarded points and add to the overall challenge and excitement of the day. As part of this activity, groups will learn some local history and trivia as well as experiencing nature at its finest.

Here is a map showing the location of our Kananaskis scavenger hunt boundaries.

Why choose this activity? Lots of reasons. Unlike skiing, it is someone everyone can do together as a group. You don’t have to go far from the hotel, so there are no transfers required. It is a challenging exercise of your group’s business skills such as planning, creativity, prioritization, communication, leadership and problem-solving. Using these business skills in a non-work setting can strengthen them so that the group is more effective upon return to the workplace. It is an activity no-one has done before, so everyone will be totally engaged. Relationships between participants will be strengthened and that will help participants work better together later on. And did we mention it’s a lot of fun?