Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities Vancouver

The Great Vancouver Scavenger Hunt is a fantastic team building experience in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Your team can discover the beauty and variety of the downtown area, visiting the city’s most famous landmarks such as:

  • Robson Street
  • Canada Place
  • Hotel Vancouver
  • The Vancouver Library
  • The Pacific Centre
  • Gastown
  • Coal Harbour.

Your participants will visit these (and many more) popular tourist landmarks while taking photographs and answering local trivia questions. Scavenger Hunt Anywhere provides an engaging team activity in this world-class city.

Sample Scavenger Hunt Tasks

A flock of what kind of art deco birds flies over the entrance to 355 Burrard?

Take a photo of your team circling around Gassy Jack in Gastown.

Take a photo of your team in front of an Orca whale.

At 840 Howe St., what is the mathematical difference between the two numbers written in Roman Numerals?

Here is a map showing the area in which our Vancouver scavenger hunt takes place:

As an alternative, exploring Granville Island and the area around False Creek is an excellent way to experience the heart of the Vancouver while remaining close to the ocean every step of the way. Your group will enjoy exploring parts of the island that they have never seen before, while visiting the famous Granville Island Market, the Aquabus, The Granville Island Hotel, Charleson Park and the seawall.

Here are some sample Granville Island scavenger hunt tasks:

Take a photo of a floating house.

Take a photo of as many different coloured striped awnings as you can get in one picture.

Take a photo of your team acting out a tragedy in front of one of Granville Island’s theatres.

The following map depicts the hunt area of the Granville Island version of our Vancouver scavenger hunt. ┬áThis hunt area is smaller than our downtown version and so you should consider hosting a shorter program for your group – perhaps 90 minutes to 2 hours would be sufficient here.

How much fun are these people having?!

Check out a video about why Vancouver is a great Scavenger Hunt city

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