Nova Scotia Liquor Commission – Halifax Scavenger Hunt

We had our team event yesterday and it was a blast!! We ended up with six teams of six (had to collapse a few teams) and they had so much fun! We formed the teams a couple of days ahead of time and the fun started by forming names and thinking of their strategy (hard to do not knowing the details). It really accomplished what we intended ‚Äì to have fun and to continue to build the team. Some of the team names were: Baldy and the Shines, the Bad Ass Posse and Mistress Munroe and her Malicious Minions. Our meeting place following the scavenger hunt was a room within the Citadel Historic Museum‚ a great venue given the overall theme of the Scavenger Hunt. We had some munchies and a few drinks and announced the winners, losers and an MVP from each team. I’m so glad I found Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, it was a huge help. ALISON MACDONALD