London Scavenger Hunt

This page describes our scavenger hunt in London, Ontario, Canada.

The Great London Scavenger Hunt allows your group to experience a team building scavenger hunt in downtown London, which provides a wonderful mix of history, architecture, parks, business and waterfront space – all of which make for excellent scavenging and team building.

While working together toward the common goal of collecting interesting information, seeking a variety of hard-to-find objects and perhaps even taking photos of themselves in a variety of locations, your group will visit such sites as The Old Courthouse, City Hall, The Museum, Covent Garden Market, John Labatt Centre, St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, The Talbot Block, The Grand Theatre, Victoria Park and the Thames River. We have designed the activity to be equally challenging to locals and out-of-towners so even local participants will learn a lot about the city that they thought they knew so well!