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Adelaide, Austrailia Oceania Come to the location known as The City and do a fun team building activity!
Albuquerque NM USA Your group will enjoy New Mexico’s biggest city as you explore Albuquerque’s downtown and old town areas in this fun team challenge called The Great New Mexico Scavenger Hunt.
Amman, Jordan Asia Check out Jabal Amman - an exciting spot for a hunt!
Ann Arbor MI USA The Ann Arbor Scavenger Hunt includes many of the historical and interesting sites in Ann Arbor MI.
Annapolis MD USA The Annapolis Scavenger Hunt is a great team building activity in an excellent spot.
Antigua Guatemala South America Come hang out in Antigua with a corporate team building scavenger hunt!
Athens, Greece Europe This beautiful city of Athens is a great spot for team building activities!
Atlanta GA USA The fun Atlanta Scavenger Hunt is an active team building activity that will take you and your team to popular downtown tourist locations.
Atlantic City NJ USA Atlantic City is one of the many great locations in which we provide our scavenger hunts.
Auckland New Zealand Oceania Come on down to the City of Sails! And then explore it with a fun scavenger hunt!
Austin TX USA

This Austin Scavenger Hunt is an active team building session that takes place in the fun and interesting downtown Austin.

Baltimore MD USA The exciting Baltimore Scavenger Hunt is a fun team building activity for the downtown Baltimore area.
Banff AB Canada Explore some of the historic museums and art galleries in Banff as well as the renowned and the famous Banff Springs Hotel.
Bellevue WA USA Bellevue is located in the Northwest and is one of the most lively economic and business centers
Berkeley CA USA Can we do a scavenger hunt in Berkeley? Yes, for sure! On-campus scavenger hunts also available.
Birmingham AL USA The vibrant community of Birmingham provides and excellent spot for a scavenger hunt!
Block Island RI USA A great place for your corporate scavenger hunt is the beautiful Block Island!
Boston MA USA The Great Boston Downtown Scavenger Hunt is a fun corporate team building scavenger hunt that takes place in the beautiful downtown area of this city.
Boulder CO USA The Boulder scavenger hunt takes place in the up-beat downtown Boulder area which includes entertainment, restaurants, museums, and sports venues.
Brampton ON Canada Explore the downtown Brampton area with your corporate team.
Brisbane, Australia Oceania Explore Brisbane with your corporate group using our scavenger hunts!
Buenos Aires, Argentina South America Buenos Dias! Come on down here and try out one of our team building scavenger hunts!
Buffalo NY USA Experience Buffalo and explore parts of the city you didn’t know existed!
Calgary AB Canada The Calgary scavenger hunt is a fun and enjoyable team building activity in the heart of Canada’s new frontier.
Cambridge ON Canada Discover the amazing beauty of this buzzing community by visiting locations like the Cambridge Sculpture Gardens, McDougall Cottage, the Firehall Museum, the Cambridge Centre for the Arts Dickson Park, City Hall and much more.
Cambridge, UK Europe Come with your corporate group to Cambridge and we'll set up a fun team building scavenger hunt for you!
Cape Town, South Africa Africa Feel the breeze on your face in Cape Town, then get back to scavenging.
Chania, Greece Europe Explore Chania Greece with your group!
Charleston SC USA Welcome to the great Charleston, the beautiful capital city chock filled with cultural landmarks.
Charlotte NC USA The Great Charlotte Scavenger Hunt takes place uptown, in the great area bounded by Stonewall and Ninth and Caldwell and Graham
Chicago IL USA

Chicago is a great spot for a scavenger hunt! Discover the city with your group!

Christchurch, New Zealand Oceania Welcome to New Zealand’s garden city & third-largest city! Explore it with your corporate group!
Cincinnati OH USA

The Cincinnati Scavenger Hunt is an active corporate team building event in this beautiful city.

Cleveland OH USA

The Cleveland scavenger hunt does not disappoint! Have fun traveling around this city with your group!

Cornwall ON Canada The Cornwall scavenger hunt includes quite a number of interesting landmarks in the downtown Cornwall area, many of which are of historical and architectural interest.
Covent Garden, London, UK Europe Sniff around in this coveted scavenger hunt area!
Dallas TX USA

This Dallas Scavenger Hunt is an active team building program that takes place in the downtown area of Dallas.

Dana Point CA USA

Dana Point is definitely a great spot for an exciting scavenger hunt with your corporate group.

Darwin, Australia Oceania Come up to Australia's northernmost capital, named after Charles Darwin.
Decatur GA USA In the soybean capital of the world, take your corporate group through the exciting city of Decatur.
Denver CO USA

This Denver scavenger hunt will keep even the most skillful scavenger on their toes.

Detroit MI USA

Explore Detroit with your group with our scavenger hunts.

Dover DE USA Dover is a great place for your scavenger hunt and an excellent location for your team building event.
Dubai, UAE Asia Explore Dubai with a team building scavenger hunt!
Eau Claire WI USA

Discover the grand Eau Claire with our scavenger hunts.

Edinburgh, Scotland Europe Sniff out the hiding spots of all our scavenger locations in Edinburgh!
Edmonton AB Canada The Amazing Edmonton Scavenger Hunt is a fun team building challenge that has people visit various locations while deciphering clues, solving puzzles and answering trivia questions.
Fernie BC Canada Welcome to amazing Fernie BC. While enjoying the beautiful views offered by this mountain town, why not do a scavenger hunt? Doubling as a tour of the downtown area, the hunt is a fun way for your group to experience Fernie.
Florence, Italy Europe Explore the vast city of Florence with your group!
Fort Myers FL USA

Our Fort Myers scavenger hunt will help you explore Fort Myers more fully with your group!

Fort Worth TX USA Make your way around Fort Worth with our smartphone scavenger hunt.
Geneva, Switzerland Europe Explore the beautiful buildings of Geneva, and visit the Jet D'eau.
Glasgow, Scotland Europe What a great place for a scavenger hunt! Come on down and enjoy the views of Glasgow!
Grand Rapids MI USA One of our newest scavenger hunt locations!
Guelph ON Canada In Guelph Ontario, old limestone buildings and little downtown avenues are set in a beautiful natural setting. Guelph is known for its rich architectural heritage and its flavourful cultural life.
Halifax NS Canada The Halifax Scavenger Hunt allows your group to experience a team building scavenger hunt in lovely Halifax, which provides a wonderful blend of history, architecture, parks, business and waterfront area.
Hartford CT USA The Hartford Scavenger Hunt focuses on downtown Hartford, which provides an exciting mix of history, culture, business and recreation.
Hollywood LA USA

Make your path through the great streets of Hollywood, admiring the buildings and surroundings.

Hong Kong Asia Explore Hong Kong with your corporate group!
Honolulu HI USA

While making their way through the area, groups will learn about the history of this surfing capital while visiting the numerous parks, monuments and sculptures found in the area.

Houston TX USA

This Houston Scavenger Hunt is an entertaining team building activity for the downtown Houston zone.

Huntsville ON Canada The Great Huntsville Scavenger Hunt allows your group to experience a team building scavenger hunt in the beautiful town of Huntsville, Ontario, which offers a nice mix of history and modern shopping and services.
Indianapolis IN USA The Indianapolis Scavenger Hunt is an entertaining team building activity that takes place in the beautiful downtown area of Indianapolis
Inverness, Scotland Europe Home of the Loch Ness Monster, this cute town has lots of good attractions for scavenging!
Istanbul, Turkey Asia Explore around Istanbul with our corporate scavenger hunts!
Ithaca NY USA Explore the city of Ithaca with your corporate group!
Kaanapali HI USA Wondering what else there is to do in Kaanapali? Take your group for an exciting scavenger hunt!
Kananaskis AB Canada Our Great Kananaskis Scavenger Hunt allows your group to do some team building and to fully experience this amazing mountain location.
Kansas City MO USA

The Kansas City Scavenger Hunt is an active team building activity in that takes place in the Westport area.

Kingston ON Canada Downtown Kingston, featuring the regal Queen’s University Campus, is an amazing location for a scavenger hunt. The beautiful lakeside location and rich history are highlights of this fun team activity.
Kitchener ON Canada Downtown Kitchener is an ideal location for a scavenger hunt. This beautiful area is filled with history, art, education, dining, and more. Your team building experience in this area will show you everything this city has to offer.
Kyoto, Japan Asia See the beautiful temples of Kyoto!
Lahaina HI USA Instead of spending your time in Maui relaxing, take on our Lahaina scavenger hunt.
Las Vegas USA

Don't waste all your money on gambling! Spend it on something more practical and fun like a Las Vegas scavenger hunt!

London ON Canada This London Scavenger Hunt allows your group to experience a team building scavenger hunt in London, which provides a splendid mix of history, architecture, parks, business and waterfront space – all of which make for excellent scavenging and team building.
London, England, Financial District Europe The heart of the world's financial industry. Lots to see here!
London, England, Trafalgar Square Europe Photos with the lions and more!
Long Beach USA

Long Beach provides an excellent area for a scavenger hunt with your corporate group!

Los Altos CA USA Los Altos is a more than ideal spot for a Los Altos scavenger hunt!
Los Angeles CA USA The Angels, or if you prefer, Los Angeles, is a heavenly spot for a scavenger hunt.
Louisville KY USA

If your name is Louis you get a point! Have fun sniffing out the hiding spots of locations for our scavenger hunts!

Lyon, France Europe Lose yourself in the pretty streets of Lyon, France.
Maui HI USA Enjoy the warm breeze on your face as you venture around Maui in one of our Hawaii scavenger hunts.
Melbourne Australia Oceania Our fun Melbourne Scavenger Hunt is an enjoyable team building activity in a beautiful and diverse city.
Memphis TN USA

This Memphis Scavenger Hunt is an active team building activity in Memphis, one of the most lively cities in America’s “New South”.

Mexico City, Mexico Central America Discover Mexico City with your corporate group!
Mexico City, MX, La Condesa Central America Another cool area for a scavenger hunt in Mexico City.
Mexico City, MX, Roma Norte Central America Trendy and interesting neighbourhood in this huge Metropolis.
Milwaukee WI USA Check out the revitalized downtown area on your corporate hunt.
Minneapolis MN USA Weatherproof because of the Skyway. Awesome!
Mississauga ON Canada The best place in Mississauga Ontario for a scavenger hunt is Streetsville. This hunt takes place along Queen St. and the stores, churches and other beautiful buildings and landmarks that make up the business area of Streetsville.
Mobile AL USA Make sure you bring your mobile phones for your scavenger hunt excursion in Mobile AL!
Moncton NB Canada Have a great scavenger hunt in Moncton NB.
Montreal Canada The Amazing Montreal Scavenger Hunt is a team building activty that allows your group to explore one of Canada’s oldest cities in a fun, creative way.
Morristown NJ USA Experience what the beautiful Morristown has to offer, including the incredible architecture, interesting history and downtown shops.
Munich, Germany Europe Explore the great city of Munich with a team building scavenger hunt!
Muskoka ON Canada The Great Muskoka Scavenger Hunt helps your group experience a fun team building scavenger hunt in Muskoka ON.
Myrtle Beach SC USA Myrtle Beach SC is one of our best places for a team building scavenger hunt with your corporate group!
Nashville TN USA The Great Nashville Scavenger Hunt is an energizing corporate team building event in this incredibly interesting city.
New Haven CT USA Tromp around New Haven with your corporate group looking for clues, landmarks, and buildings!
New Orleans LA USA

Make your way around New Orleans with our team building scavenger hunts.

New York City, Financial District USA

The financial center of the world.  What a great spot for a corporate scavenger hunt!

New York City, Greenwich Village USA

Greenwich Village is an interesting area of New York City and a great spot for a hunt!

New York City, Midtown USA

New York City is one of our favorite locations to do scavenger hunts and midtown is a great spot!

Newport Beach CA USA Newport Beach is a great spot for your team building scavenger hunt!
Niagara Falls ON Canada The Great Niagara Falls Scavenger Hunt is a unique team building activity that challenges participants to visit Niagara Falls locations within earshot of this natural wonder of the world.
Niagara-on-the-Lake ON Canada The stunning Niagara on the Lake Scavenger Hunt is a fun and active team building session and a great way for your group to visit and learn about this picturesque and historical location.
Oakville ON Canada Have fun walking around downtown Oakville.
Old Montreal, Montreal, QC Canada Located between the beautiful St. Lawrence River and the skyscrapers in downtown Montreal, Old Montreal, or rather, Vieux Montréal, is rich in history, beautiful architecture and culture
Omaha NE USA Omaha - What a great place to do a scavenger hunt with your corporate group!
Orlando FL USA

Theme parks or downtown, both are good!

Ottawa ON Canada Your group will love having their fun team building scavenger hunt in Canada’s capital city with its stunning, historical and beautiful downtown area.
Palo Alto CA USA Palo Alto is an excellent city for a fun and active team building scavenger hunt!
Panama City, Panama Central America Panama City is an excellent place to do a team building scavenger hunt with your group.
Paris, France Europe Gaze at the beautiful architecture of Paris, or climb up the Eiffel Tower!
Perth, Australia Oceania Discover the beautiful city of Perth with your corporate group!
Philadelphia PA USA

Scavenger hunt anywhere does include Philadelphia! Come do a fun and active scavenger hunt with your group!

Phoenix AZ USA Much like the mythical bird, Phoenix is flaming with tourism, perfect for a fiery team building scavenger hunt!
Pittsburgh PA USA Come hang out in Pittsburgh! No, don't relax, you've got a corporate scavenger hunt to do!
Portland ME USA One of our most popular locations in 2016 and 2017. Really! Come see for yourself when you do a team building scavenger hunt!
Portland OR USA Come check out Portland's architecture and tourist locations, while doing a scavenger hunt!
Prague, Czechia Europe Explore the downtown area of Prague with your corporate group!
Princeton NJ USA Princeton may or may not be a town full of princes. There's only one way to find out however, while doing one of our scavenger hunts!
Providence RI USA Providence is an ideal location for doing a team building corporate hunt!
Quebec City QC Canada The Great Quebec Scavenger Hunt is a fun team building event that takes place in and around Quebec City. This team building scavenger hunt challenges participants to visit various locations while deciphering clues, solving puzzles and answering questions.
Raleigh NC USA Raleigh, Raleigh, what a fun word to say more than once. Perfect for a corporate event!
Reykjavík, Iceland Europe In this unique place, enjoy downtown area of Reykjavík!
Richmond Hill ON Canada Discover the character of Richmond Hill.
Richmond VA USA Come do your team building activity in Richmond with your group!
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil South America A Rio de Janeiro scavenger hunt? Why not? Copacabana is a great example of a suitable neighbourhood.
Rochester NY USA Enjoy Rochester's landscape when you come do a team building activity with your group!
Rome, Italy Europe Explore the beautiful city of Rome with your group!
Sacramento CA USA Sacramento is an ideal location for a team building event with your group.
Saint Jacobs ON Canada The village of St. Jacob’s is a perfect place for a scavenger hunt within a quainter environment. This nice little tourist area attracts many year round because of its shopping, entertainment and close proximity to the farmers markets.
Salem MA USA An excellent town for a hunt, especially in the fall!
Salt Lake City UT USA Salt Lake City’s most well-known attraction is Temple Square. Within a few blocks of it are plenty of interesting Mormon historical sites and buildings.
Salzburg, Austria Europe Explore Salzburg with your corporate group!
San Antonio TX USA This San Antonio Scavenger Hunt is an active team building activity which takes place in what is considered by some to be the heart and soul of Texas.
San Diego CA USA Our hunt in San Diego takes place in the Gaslamp district.
San Francisco CA USA Check out our hunt in San Francisco. Several variations are available such as Union Square / Market St., Embarcadero, Pier 39 and more!
San Jose CA USA A great location for your next corporate team building event.
Santa Barbara CA USA Santa Barbara is a stunning coastal California city. The waterfront is the focal point of our scavenger hunt and in particular, Stearns Wharf
Santa Monica CA USA Come hang out in Santa Monica with your corporate group.
Santiago, Chile South America Explore the exotic city of Santiago and see some of the most beautiful attractions around.
Savannah GA USA One of the most beautiful cities in the entire world and a wonderful place to have a fun corporate scavenger hunt!
Scottsdale AZ USA The Great Scottsdale Scavenger Hunt is an active team building activity in one of America’s newest cities.
Seattle WA USA The home of Starbucks and Jimi Hendrix!
Shanhai, China Asia Discover Shanghai with your corporate group!
Singapore Asia Discover Singapore with your corporate group!
South Beach FL USA Come explore South Beach with your corporate group!
Split, Croatia Europe Enjoy the landscape of Split during your team building event!
St. Louis MO USA Discover St. Louis with a team building scavenger hunt!
St. Petersburg FL USA St. Petersburg is an excellent location not only for white-sand beaches, fresh seafood and fishing but also for awesome teambuilding events!
Stone Town, Zanzibar Africa Discover Stone Town with your corporate group!
Stratford ON Canada Stratford ON is a rural Southwestern Ontario city with lots of culture, entertainment and beauty. With shopping, dining and culture fitted into this picturesque setting, there is so so much to see.
Streetsville ON Canada Discover Streetsville with our fun and exciting scavenger hunts!
Sydney, Australia Oceania Our Sydney Scavenger Hunt takes place in one of the world’s most vibrant and beautiful cities.
Sydney, Australia, Darling Harbour Oceania

Nice alternative to our CBD hunt.  Check out Darling Harbour and have a great time with your group!

Tampa FL USA Explore Tampa FL with your corporate group!
Tokyo, Japan Asia Come discover the amazing city of Tokyo, located in Japan!
Toronto ON, Bloor/Yorkville Canada

Yorkville is one of the many choices for scavenger hunts in Toronto

Toronto ON, Distillery District Canada

The Distilery District is one of the more unique hunt locations.

Toronto ON, Downtown Canada

Downtown is one of the numerous options in the Toronto area.

Toronto ON, Old Mill Canada

Old Mill is one of the many options for Toronto hunts.

Toronto ON, U of T Canada

U of T is one of the many viable options for Toronto hunts.

Unionville ON Canada Get to know Unionville with your group during our exciting scavenger hunts!
Vaduz, Liechtenstein Europe Explore this great city with your corporate group!
Vancouver BC, Downtown Canada Experience our downtown Vancouver scavenger hunt. Great views, interesting architecture, nice people!
Vancouver BC, Granville Island Canada Discover Granville Island with our unique scavenger hunts!
Venice, Italy Europe Make your way through the canals of Venice with a team building scavenger hunt!
Victoria BC Canada The Victoria Scavenger Hunt is a fun team building program that takes place in Victoria. This team building scavenger hunt has the participants visit interesting locations while answering clues, solving puzzles and solving trivia questions.
Vienna, Austria Europe Explore the beautiful city of Vienna with a team building event!
Virginia Beach VA USA Virginia Beach is an excellent location for your team building event!
Waikiki HI USA It took me a few tries to say Waikiki right, and lets hope the scavenger hunt we have there doesn't take you too many tries!
Walnut Creek CA USA No, there are no rivers full of walnuts here. But there is a super fun and active team building scavenger hunt!
Washington DC USA Hunt the National Mall or other areas in the DC area.
Waterloo ON Canada Waterloo has been revitalized bringing a new spirit to the downtown area providing a great location for a scavenger hunt. This area combines the beauty of nature with the short walk to Waterloo Park with the downtown feel.
Wellington, New Zealand Oceania The capital of New Zealand now comes with a scavenger hunt? You have got to check it out!
Westminster, London, UK Europe This Westminster Scavenger Hunt includes a huge mix of political, historical and cultural sites and one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions.
Whistler BC Canada Explore Whistler Village and see areas that most people don't. What a great way to see this beautiful tourist venue!
Wilmington NC USA A recent addition to our locations list. Enjoy the hunt in downtown Wilmington.
Windsor ON Canada Downtown Windsor - nicer than you think!
Winnipeg MB Canada Welcome to Winnipeg, the capital of the friendly province.
Zagreb, Croatia Europe Explore Zagreb with your corporate group!