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About Our Team

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere has been in the corporate team building business since the year 2000.  Since then we have run thousands of scavenger hunts in hundreds of locations worldwide..

You may have already realized that you won’t meet us in person until your event date. So here is an introduction to the key players in your scavenger hunt event.

Karie Pridham is our Scavenger Hunt Event Planner. She has planned over 1000 scavenger hunts in cities, museums, hotels and resorts around the world. We are lucky to have such a detail-oriented individual to guide our clients from booking to event date. Karie loves to get everything right with every client’s event and loves to learn more about locations worldwide. A true people-person, she finds, trains and supports our many event staff from around the world. Karie loves to hear feedback from our events, so if you’ve already had your event with us, please share the highlights with Karie. Sometimes our clients need additional customization or have unique requirements.  So, for more complex or large events, you may also be in contact with…

Andrew Long is the owner and president and has been labeled the “Great Scavenger Hunt Guru” recently by one of our staff. He has been the driving force behind the evolution of the company from pen-and-paper/disposable camera programs to high-tech smartphone scavenger hunts. Andrew works closely with our sales and planning team so that each client gets the most out of their scavenger hunt.  Andrew enjoys the challenge of highly customized events but at the same time loves to create systems and processes so that everything always runs smoothly.  Andrew is also very grateful for…

All Our Event Staff are too many to mention here. We have worked hard to build a network of professional team building facilitators who run events in their local areas. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a fine group of dedicated event professionals who will stop at nothing to make sure your event is a smashing success.