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How It Works – Team Building Scavenger Hunts

All About Our Scavenger Hunts in 60 Seconds

How it Works

Your group is split into teams. Each team downloads the Scavenger Hunt Anywhere App onto their smart phone(s). A minimum of one smart phone per team is required. This can be an iPhone or Android device.

All tasks are listed within the app in three categories: trivia, photos and checkpoints. The checkpoints are for full-service programs and at those stops along the way, teams get additional tasks like solving riddles.

All tasks can be completed on foot and there is no driving. Each item is worth a certain number of points and the team with the most points wins. The hunt is designed to fill the amount of time you have for the event. We recommend 2-3 hours.

Our hunt technology has been designed so that the results of the program are immediately available and can be presented to the group right away. Photos that the teams take are downloadable and provided to you immediately after the hunt.

More About Our Scavenger Hunts

Our scavenger hunts have been designed by team building experts who come from a corporate background. We know how to engage your participants because our programs are only provided to corporate groups. You can expect scavenger hunt content that is thoughtful, intelligent and politically correct.

Furthermore, we seek to challenge the business skills of your participants. It is not enough to have an amazing race to the finish – you are not looking to challenge the fitness level of your participants, are you? Instead, our program is designed to challenge your group’s ability to prioritize, have a strategy, allocate roles on the team, manage their time, think outside the box and consider what the competition is doing. Think of it like cross-training for business people!

So we’ve arranged our scavenger hunts to be unlike a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt is a sequence of clues or tasks in different locations, each clue leading to the next, until the final destination is reached. There are two reasons why we don’t do it that way. First, a treasure hunt format tends to challenge a group’s fitness level because it is like a race. Second, a treasure hunt format means that teams will arrive at the end destination at different times. Imagine if you have a restaurant reservation for the end of your hunt at 5pm. What will teams do if they finish promptly at 4:15pm? Or if they arrive late at 5:30pm? In a scavenger hunt format, all teams arrive at the end location at the desired time, which is what you want.


How long do our scavenger hunts last? They are designed to last anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours of hunt time. Every client that we deal with is unique, so rather than adjusting your agenda to fit into our scavenger hunt, we customize our scavenger hunt to fit into your agenda.


How much work is it to organize? We seek to minimize the amount of time and effort required by our clients. Once you have booked with us, we need less than 30 minutes of your time. All we need to know is the date, time and location. We also recommend that our clients divide the group up into teams, but if you don’t have time for that, we can do it for you! We handle the rest.

Start and Finish Locations

Typically our team building scavenger hunts take place in the downtown area of a city. The best start and finish locations depend on each client because each situation is different. The start point can be at your office, your conference room, a restaurant or if the group is not based downtown, then we can suggest a location to start at.

The best finish location is a restaurant with a private section. When the scavenger hunt is done, your group has happy hour while we present the results, which are immediately available. In most locations, we can make venue recommendations based on what other groups have done in the past.

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