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Las Vegas Team Building Activities & Corporate Scavenger Hunt

Our Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt is an active and engaging team building activity that takes place in what is without a doubt one of the best scavenger hunt locations in the world. There are literally thousands of eye-catching points of interest that all compete for the attention of your group. The visual overload along “The Strip” is unparalleled! This makes for a superb team building activity as your teams must travel around and get themselves to certain locations in an efficient way.  By the end of the event, your group will have experienced “The Jewel of the Desert” in a way that most groups will certainly miss.

Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt participants with a pair of Kings.
The Great Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt will take your team to the most popular spots along the strip, including The Venetian, Treasure Island, New York, New York, Paris, the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace and more.

Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt Boundaries

The area is large and everything is big in Las Vegas, but your teams will not need to cover the entire area – they will decide where to go based on start/finish location and scavenger hunt duration. This activity is based on prioritizing – it is not a race to complete every task.  Teams must plan ahead in order to get more done than any of the other teams.

Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt Testimonial

Las Vegas Sample Scavenger Hunt Tasks

Take a photo of a giant M&M.

Take a photo of your team looking like pirates with a pirate ship in the background.

Take a photo of 3 different kinds of Caesar in one shot.

Take a photo of a hot air balloon.

You will notice that the above tasks are all photos. Our Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt is different than our other scavenger hunts because it is an all-photo scavenger hunt.  Why? Because a few years ago we discovered that every “question” we could ask about the sights along The Strip could be answered by searching online!  So we changed the format so that team building activity would cause people to see the sights, not sit on their phones and search for answers.

Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt Photos

Customizable Scavenger Hunt For The Perfect Team Building Activity

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere‘s team building scavenger hunts in Las Vegas are designed by corporate people for corporate people. Our hunt in Las Vegas is tasteful and politically correct. You can be confident that our content will be suitable for your group.

We have been in the team building industry for over 17 years and we are still going strong! Our experience is unmatched – we even broke the record for the World’s Largest Scavenger Hunt here in 2014!