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About our Tokyo Scavenger Hunt

by | Apr 19, 2023 | International Scavenger Hunts, Scavenger Hunt Locations, Scavenger Hunts

What a city! Our Tokyo scavenger hunt has been one of our most popular team building programs, and here’s why.

About Tokyo

The capital of Japan is a place that everyone should visit. If you have a corporate event in Tokyo, then a scavenger hunt is the perfect team building activity for your group. Tokyo is somewhat unique in the world because if you say, “Where is downtown Tokyo?” to someone, they will laugh and probably won’t know where to tell you to go.  This is because Tokyo has a great number of different neighborhoods, all of which combined residential living and commercial areas such that the whole city is one great hive of activity

Why have your Scavenger Hunt in Tokyo

  • Many choices of location: There are many potential places in Tokyo where you could have your scavenger hunt, which means that regardless of where your office is or where your meeting is taking place, there is likely to be a suitable scavenger hunt location nearby.
  • Excellent transit: If the above doesn’t apply to you and you happen to be in an area that’s not ideal for a scavenger hunt, you can count on Tokyo’s fast and reliable transit system to get you to the area of your choice.
  • Safe: It is believed that Tokyo is one of the safest cities on earth. We sometimes joke that you could walk around outside with money hanging out of your pocket and no one would even notice.  If ever there was a spot for your group to roam an area around taking photos and answering questions, without worrying about their safety, Tokyo is the place.
  • Clean: Tokyo is also one of the cleanest cities we’ve ever seen.  You can relax knowing that you have sent your group into an area that is nice to look at and photogenic.

Downsides of Tokyo as a Scavenger Hunt Location

  • Language: It may possibly be difficult for your team to ask passers-by for help or directions, however, in this day and age of smart phones in online maps, this is not as big of an issue as it used to be.
  • Left-side traffic: If your group is coming from elsewhere, they may not be used to cars driving on the left hand side of the road.  In an activity where people are crossing streets often, your participants will need to be mindful-as they cross the road.

Your Choice of Location

As we mentioned, there are many areas in which your scavenger hunt can take place and here just a few suggestions:

  • Shibuya: As your group enters the energetic streets filled with people, they’ll be take in the vibrant atmosphere with flashing signs and busy intersections. They’ll immerse themselves in the excitement of the area, experiencing the unique fashion and style of young trendsetters in Shibuya. This is the perfect location if your team is staying at the Westin Tokyo.
  • Asakusa: Your participants will journey back in time as they explore the charming backstreets surrounding Senso-ji Temple, Hoppy Street, Nakamise Street, and more, offering a glimpse into old-world Tokyo.
  • Ueno: Your team will stay together amidst the hustle and bustle of vendors lining Ameyokocho, before finding a peaceful escape in the serene surroundings of Ueno Park and the national museums housed there.
  • Ginza/Maranouchi: Tokyo’s upscale 5th Avenue, home to numerous department stores and exclusive boutiques, awaits your group. They’ll uncover the latest gadgets at the Sony Building and peruse the program at the Kabuki Za Theatre. Encourage them to explore the Maru Building and make a swift visit to the Imperial Palace, while being mindful not to walk on the grass.

Alternate Locations

These other cities may not be especially close to Tokyo, however if your group is going to be in Japan then you might consider a Kyoto Scavenger Hunt or Hiroshima or elsewhere.

Sample Tasks

  • What color is the Torii gate at the entrance to Onden Shrine?
  • Take a photo of your team under the “Myth of Tomorrow” mural.
  • What is the color of the car on the rotating display in the first floor of Nissan?
  • Take a photo of your team in front of the statue of Mr. Kusunoki at the Kokyogain Garden.
  • Take a photo of your team with SNOOPY at Nishiki market.
  • Take a photo of your team standing in front of many white paper lanterns.
  • Find the black/grey stone deity on Nene no Michi. It is actually not from Japan! Which country does it originally come from?
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