Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities Tokyo

The Great Tokyo Scavenger Hunt is a great team building activity in the ultimate urban jungle of Japan. It is an excellent location for a scavenger hunt because of the variety of landmarks and historical points of interest all confined within small, walkable areas.

The attentive eye is well rewarded during this adventure in this city where old and new collide. We recommend three locations in this giant city of full of possibility:

  • Shibuya: Navigate to Shibuya station and exit into the busy streets. Take in the flashing signs and busy intersections. Then dive into the excitement of the area and experience and style of the young trends setters in Shibuya. This is the best location if your group is staying at the Westin Tokyo.
  • Ueno and Asakusa: Return to the old world and explore the back streets surrounding Senso-ji Temple. Keep the team together amongst the hustle and bustle of the vendors along Ameyokocho. Escape to the serenity of Ueno park and the national museums.
  • Ginza/Maranouchi: Tokyo’s 5th Avenue is lined with department stories and exclusive boutiques. Discover the latest gadgets at the Sony Building, and review the program at the Kakuki Za threatre. Search the Maru building and quickly move to the Imperial palace but never walk on the grass.

This map shows one possible scavenger hunt area in Tokyo, which is Shibuya. More maps to be published here soon!

Marunouchi/Ginza is another great area for a scavenger hunt: