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Unionville Scavenger Hunt

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Team Building

Our Unionville scavenger hunt is an excellent choice for groups that are located in the Markham area.

About Unionville

First established in 1794, the business area of the town maintains much of its 19th century charm.   Our team building scavenger hunt in Unionville runs mostly along Main St. from Maple Lane to Carleton Rd.  This pretty and historic downtown area is home to a mix of the old and the new, and includes shops, restaurants, statues, chuches and more, all of which lend themselves to interesting and fun scavenger hunt challenges.

Why Have Your Hunt in Unionville

  • QUIET: Compared to locations like downtown Toronto, this is a calmer, quieter area in which to have your team building scavenger hunt, especially on weekdays.  If you have the people who don’t enjoy the energy of an urban downtown area then the more relaxed pace of Unionville would likely appeal to them.
  • PROXIMITY: If you have an office in Markham, then Unionville is your best choice geographically.  You won’t have to contend with downtown traffic, parking garages and the time it takes to get there.  Just head to nearby Unionville and your group will be ready for action!
  • FINISH LOCATIONS: The town has a variety of good venues at which to end the scavenger hunt.  Most of our groups like to finish with snacks and drinks and you’ll find a suitable spot along Main St.
  • DISCOVERY: if most or all of your participants have not been to Unionville before, then there is an element of discovery. Corporate scavenger hunts work well when people are unfamiliar with the area because it introduces them to the area itself and many people find it interesting to learn about a new place.
  • PHOTOGENIC: The town is very picturesque. It is beautiful to look upon and photograph and given that one of the main tasks that participants perform while completing their scavenger hunt is taking photos. It is certain that some of those photos will be keepers!

Downsides of this Location

  • SMALL AREA: The business area of Unionville is really quite small. While this means short walking distances for your participants it also means that the maximum time that you can reasonably allot for your scavenger hunt in Unionville is 90 minutes.
  • NOT FOR BIG GROUPS: For larger groups, Unionville may not be the best choice. If you consider that a group of 100 people would have as many as 15 teams then you can understand how the main street area could be overcrowded with scavenger hunt participants. Even though teams won’t follow each other around they will still see each other most of the time and will make it such that teams may end up just following each other around.  Downtown Toronto is definitely the best location for large groups.

Alternative Locations

Some alternatives that you might consider to the Unionville scavenger hunt are the Downtown Toronto, and Richmond Hill.

Sample Tasks

  • Take a photo of your team with a statue of a fiddle player.
  • Take a photo in front of The Unionville Planing Mill.
  • Take a photo of your team doing Jazz hands with something that says ‘Jazz on Main.’
  • What is the address of the oldest surviving building on Main St?
  • Prior to the Old Firehall Confectionary, what business used to be there?


Learn more about our Unionville Scavenger Hunt and see a map of the area or complete the form below to get pricing.

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