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January 2015 Newsletter

Save on Team Building this January!

Advance bookings help us with our planning. So for the duration of January 2015, book and pay a deposit on an event that takes place in May 2015 or later and your group will receive a 10% discount.

This January, it pays to plan ahead!

Welcome back, Amy Ballantyne

We are pleased to welcome back Amy Ballantyne after her recent maternity leave. Amy has a wealth of experience and attention to detail that are huge assets to our organization.

Web version launched!

We are pleased to announce that the web version of our Scavenger Hunt Anywhere Smartphone App has now been launched. This version gives us greater reliability and the ability to serve a wider range of participants. Contact us for more information.

Case Study: A Story About Buenos Aires

A client recently booked a scavenger hunt in Buenos Aires. Easy, right? Well, it turns out that the group is from Brazil and so the hunt will need to be delivered in Portuguese.

We are clear that we do not speak Portuguese! So our plan is to design the hunt in English, have it translated and run the event in Portuguese.

We could not do it without the always-say-yes-and-figure-out-how-to-do-it-later attitude of our awesome sales and planning team here at Scavenger Hunt Anywhere!

This is the kind of customized challenge that we love here at Scavenger Hunt Anywhere. So we hope that the next time your client comes to you with a crazy list of requirements for their team activity, contact us and let us help.

Where and What?

OK folks, what is this a picture of? Name the city and/or the building, if you can!

If you have a guess, comment on the post on the
Scavenger Hunt Anywhere Facebook Page