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January 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to the new Scavenger Hunt Anywhere e-newsletter. This will get sent out one per quarter and the focus will be on updating you on our services, offering promotions to save you money and giving thoughts and ideas about team building.

Promotion: Be Social and Save 20%

Is your 2014 team building budget tight this year? Book a social-media friendly hunt and we’ll take 20% off your bill! Just make your reservation and deposit payment by February 7, 2014. Conditions apply as follows. Assuming that your group is happy with the Scavenger Hunt services (which you will be!), you agree to:

  • Have hunt photos posted on our Facebook page.
  • Ask your participants to like our Facebook page.
  • Post a comment on our Facebook page.
  • Post a review on one of our Google Plus pages.
  • Have hunt photos posted on one of our Google Plus pages.

Contact us for more details.

Smarter All The Time

We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed the development and launch of the Blackberry 10 version of our Scavenger Hunt Anywhere Smartphone App. This means the app is now works on Z10s, Q10s as well as the standard iOS and Android devices.

We have also updated our iOS and Android apps so that they are more reliable, which means a seamless scavenger hunt for your corporate group.

Been There, Done That!

But our group has already done a scavenger hunt! Oh, well, no problem at all! We have three options for you.

1. If you didn’t do a smartphone hunt last time, why not try a smartphone scavenger hunt? It has a much different look and feel than the old pen and paper scavenger hunt!

2. Perhaps you’d like to do a scavenger hunt in a different location?

3. Try one of the popular team building programs offered by our parent company, The Greatness Group. Visit the Greatness Group by clicking here.

How Green Are We?

Our efforts at making our programs more eco-friendly have paid off. We have reduced printing by over 90%, shipping by over 95% and travel by over 75%. Our programs can now be considered an eco-friendly team-building option.