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Whistler Team Building

Whistler team building scavenger hunt

Whistler team building scavenger hunt in progress.

Everyone knows that Whistler is a fantastic place for a vacation. However, it is also becoming more and more popular as a place for corporate meetings, retreats and incentive programs. Part of the reason for this is the opportunity for team building programs.

While there are, of course, many reasons to bring your corporate group to Whistler, team building activities are something that should be part of every program in this fine resort town.

Some group members might like skiing or golf, and those are fun activities. But savvy managers know that team-based activities provide more opportunity for building relationships between participants. Perhaps the best option for Whistler team building is a scavenger hunt. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • It is a competitive team activity.
  • It is a great challenge of certain business skills such as prioritization, communication, assigning roles on the team and thinking outside the box.
  • It can be any duration.
  • It can start and finish anywhere in the Village.
  • It can be done year-round and in any weather conditions.
  • It is something that everyone enjoys.

So when you think of Whistler team building activity options, think Scavenger Hunt Anywhere. Contact us today to get a price quote and additional information.

This map shows the boundaries of our Whistler team building scavenger hunt:

And here are some photos showing what our Whistler team building programs look like:

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