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November 2014 Newsletter

Idea #1: Finish 2014 With A Seasonal Hunt

Running out of time to book a company holiday party? Looking for a different idea this year? Celebrate the holiday season with a year-end scavenger hunt!

The company Christmas party has become less popular over the years. It is much more common these days for companies to set up an activity that builds relationships between participants, like a scavenger hunt. Have a hunt and end it at a holiday dinner. Thank your staff and wish them a happy holiday season. And we can add a Christmas theme to your hunt if that’s your culture.

Idea #2: Start Off Strong in 2015 With A New Year’s Kickoff

Looking for a way to invigorate and inspire your team to start out strong in 2015? How about a New Year’s Kickoff scavenger hunt? We can build a theme into the hunt to reflect your messaging to the participants. What is your theme for 2015? Teamwork? Planning? Strategy? Prioritizing? Whatever it is, we can build it into a scavenger hunt for you. Your group will love it!

3 Things Most Planners Don’t Know About Scavenger Hunt Anywhere

We’ll be the first to admit that we aren’t always great about telling our own story. So here are a three things you may not know about us:

  • We can provide a scavenger hunt in multiple languages.
  • We are about to launch a web version of our Scavenger Hunt Anywhere Smartphone App which is designed to work on any mobile device.
  • We have a global staff network. This allows us to plan our events centrally but use local people to design and deliver our programs. You get local knowledge and expertise from your program leader. And there is no risk that someone will miss a flight right before your scavenger hunt.

A Story About Panama

A client recently inquire about a scavenger hunt for 200 people in Panama City. Well it turns out that Scavenger Hunt Anywhere president and owner, Andrew Long, was in Panama City last year with his family. With the client on the phone, Andrew described the ideal hunt area in Panama City that is called Casco Viejo (Old Quarter). This is a beautiful historic part of town.

The client has people coming in from around Central America and also Brazil. So the program must be delivered in Spanish and Portuguese. Well, that’s not a problem for us either. A quick translation and our program is converted into both languages.

This is the kind of customized challenge that we love here at Scavenger Hunt Anywhere. So we hope that the next time your client comes to you with a crazy list of requirements for their team activity, you contact us and let us help.