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Back to the Office After COVID-19? Check Out Our Scavenger Hunts

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Scavenger Hunts

Are you looking for a fun, high-energy team-building activity to reconnect your employees after covid? Scavenger hunts are a great option. At Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, we take pride in delivering the best team building experiences, and our product is designed exclusively for corporate teams. We have an industry-leading smartphone app for high engagement and participation for all your teams.

What Our Scavenger Hunts Offer

After two years of working away from their desk, employees have begun returning to the office. Your employees will need to reconnect, and you are responsible for giving them that opportunity. Deliberate team-building is beneficial for your business. In the corporate world, programs like scavenger hunts can boost engagement and offer several other advantages. Scavenger Hunt Anywhere has programs designed to bring the following benefits:

1.    Boost Communication

We have programs designed by team-building experts with a corporate background. Our hunts are more than solving trivia and finishing a race. We integrate riddle solving and full-service checkpoints to improve your team’s business skills. By the end of the hunt, your employees will feel challenged in various corporate-related aspects. The activity aims to improve the ability to prioritize, strategize, and allocate roles.

Our corporate scavenger hunting programs require your teams to exercise communication skills, collaborate, and act diplomatically to complete tasks. The teams are divided into groups and collect points with every completed task. Groups unable to communicate well will find it challenging to achieve their goals or win the hunt. They can learn from the experience and develop their communication skills.

2.    Encourage Teamwork and Bonding

At Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, we focus on teamwork and bonding through goal-setting, problem-solving, and shared activities. Our program is easily accessible via an app that allows your teams to solve challenges, answer questions, and take pictures/videos. Results are published immediately after the activity, with photos and videos available for download. Our programs stimulate employees to think outside the box and consider what their competition is doing.

Some challenges are geared toward an individual’s skillset, so each team member has a role to play. To accomplish goals, the members have to rely on each other and may need to divide and conquer. The scavenger hunts offer exceptional bonding experiences and make employees feel the benefit of teamwork. We’ll encourage everyone to let their guard down and get to bond with each other personally and professionally. The activities are not directly related to work.

3.    Promote Leadership and Tolerance

Corporate scavenger hunting programs train employees to think outside the box and adopt leadership roles in different situations. At Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, we make it more of a cross-training for business people. The programs help employees practice role delegation and workload sharing to achieve specific goals. Employees must exercise creative thinking to solve the riddles and challenges as they cruise to their finish point.

The activity provides lessons that translate directly into the corporate environment. We aim to make your team comfortable outside their typical environment by taking on additional responsibilities and tasks. The programs help to develop tolerance when employees deal with something they’ve never done before. Our programs increase adaptability and problem-solving skills, training teams to find ways to meet their goal.

How Our Scavenger Programs Work

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere has a simple strategy to make sure the activity benefits your employees: We customize everything for your unique needs. Our app is easy to download and provides all the guidelines, tasks, and trivia you’ll need. Once you contact us, we’ll take 30 minutes to discuss your needs, location, organization, and timing. Your team is divided into groups, requiring at least one smartphone per group to use the app. Our app is available for both Android and iOS.

The tasks are categorized into trivia, photos, and checkpoints. Employees must solve the trivia to reach the checkpoints, which are full of service programs. At the checkpoint stops, they’ll get to answer additional tasks and solve riddles. Each item is assigned a specific number of points, and the team with the most points wins. The hunt is completed on foot, so there’s no driving involved. We recommend two to three hours but are open to adjusting the amount of time you have.

The results of the hunt are presented immediately to the group. The photos and videos are available for download through the app. Our searches usually take place in a metropolitan area. You can choose the best start and finish locations based on your needs. The start point can be your office, a conference room, a restaurant, or other suggested sites. Restaurants are perfect for the finish location as it gives the team a happy hour for further interactions.

Why Choose Our Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere focuses on corporate team building only. Our programs are designed by team-building experts who know how to engage participants. Our goal is to help develop the business skills you need at the workplace. The activity is easy for all types of employees.

We’re available in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and internationally. Our hunts are available for all types of corporate organizations everywhere, including small and large groups. Your employees can strengthen key business skills, including problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, decision-making, and prioritization. The programs are fun and engaging, and all teams will arrive at the destination at the desired time.

Organize Your Hunt Today

Your employees have been away from their desks for several months. Many have lost their skills with socialization and corporate teamwork. A post-covid corporate reunion is a much-needed activity that’ll bring your employees together and help them readjust to the office environment. Organizing a team building exercise is easier through a detailed app with all the programs and guidelines.

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere designed an industry-leading app with programs to help companies looking for team-building opportunities to boost productivity. Happy employees are easier to retain and motivate. Our focus is the corporate audience, and we only provide scavenger hunting programs. Get in touch today to organize your post-covid team-building reunion.

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