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What Goes Into Our Scavenger Hunts?

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Team Building

In today’s online-based corporate world, employees can feel disconnected, affecting company performance. This has worsened after the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced employees to work from home. Organizing a scavenger hunt is the perfect way to rebuild team spirit during a post-covid corporate reunion. Scavenger Hunt Anywhere can help your employees reconnect with one another. Here is some information about our corporate events:

Why Choose a Scavenger Hunt?

Scavenger hunts primarily focus on promoting workplace team building. Here’s how it manages to help employees build the right connections:

  • Helps With Relationship Building: Events bring people together, allowing them to learn about each other. These events allow employees to share face-to-face experiences that help them build relationships.
  • Improves Communication: Relationships allow individuals to interact with their counterparts better. During their interactions, communication is necessary, and your employees will build muscle by communicating individually and as a group. Scavenger hunts provide the right platform for you to know how employees think and react.
  • Enhances Employee Retention: Many people want to feel included in the workplace. Team building can build an employee’s liking for their job. Scavenger hunts may include rewards to increase motivation and healthy competition. Getting rewarded may make them feel more valuable and improve retention within your enterprise.

Planning Your Needs

Team-building programs help employees in different ways, so you need to have a well-executed event to ensure maximum ROI. Scavenger Hunt Anywhere’s specialists are pleased to make recommendations based on your specific needs.

When discussing needs, please plan to tell us what your goals are for the event. We customize the program to match specific needs like collaboration, problem-solving, or assigning roles on a team. Depending on your needs, we can adjust our program delivery to help you achieve the specific objectives for your company scavenger hunt.

Planning Preferred Locations

Corporate scavenger hunts are delivered in specific areas of a city. You will need to choose the right start and finish location and pre-plan everything to make sure the event runs smoothly. During our planning process, we discuss where your preferred locations are to verify that we have everything covered.

You can start and end your team-building event within the company’s office or a hotel meeting room. Some employers choose to begin the scavenger hunt at the office and complete it within a designated location like a restaurant. You can have your company meeting at the restaurant to allow employees to interact more.

Considering Organization

You will need to prepare fully for the organization of the event to make sure your company’s needs are met. At Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, we seek to maximize the effort and time our clients need.

For the best organization, we recommend having pre-determined teams. You can use specific teams or decide randomly, but choosing according to functional teams within the organization will offer the best results.

An adequately organized scavenger hunt can help you avoid complications. Our app will contain all guidelines and challenges to help each group compete fairly. Using our app prevents the need to spend on printing out challenges.

Scheduling the Timing

You can choose the amount of time you want the treasure hunt to last. We can help you design challenges that last anywhere between 90 minutes to 4 hours. This depends on the number of other activities you have planned and your time available.

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere works to maximize your time, so we can find challenges that precisely fit your agenda. You can either choose a standard package, where we offer you an event leader, or the DIY package, where someone at your end does a few administrative tasks. At the start of the hunt, we will instruct everyone to make sure they are on board.

Task Categorization

There are multiple task options that you can choose for a scavenger hunt. The most common options include trivia, photo collection at checkpoints, and riddles. Each task will have a specific number of points that we will use to determine the winning group at the end of our session. You can customize the lessons to fit particular objectives that best align with your goals for the scavenger hunt.

We often categorize tasks based on the packages we offer. DIY hunts often involve photo tasks and multiple-choice questions. With standard-package hunts, you get all DIY has to offer, plus staffed checkpoints. Our enhanced hunt package includes optional activities like video, voting, and quiz tasks. We can tune the questions to be as challenging or as easy to match specific outcomes, but we mainly focus on reasonably easier challenges as our experience shows this keeps participants engaged more than tricky puzzle-type challenges.

Setting Up Checkpoints

Checkpoints in a scavenger hunt present level completion to mark progression within the program. Depending on the length of the event, we can set up different checkpoints to improve the hunt. In a city-wide hunt, we can include checkpoints within some of the answers to make the game more fun.

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere arranges special activities at checkpoints to help participants earn extra points and make the hunt fun. Some activities include rebus puzzles, singing, human knot, and sculptures.

Result Presentation and Prizes

Prizes can make the hunt more competitive and fun. For the winning group, there can be some prizes for their efforts. Your company will be in charge of the prizes, so you can get the employees gifts they would like. We recommend vouchers or gift cards for the winning team since they are flexible. You can have extra packages as tokens of appreciation for other members to acknowledge their participation.

Get Professional Help Planning Your Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can help bring your company’s employees together as a team and rebuild workplace unity after the COVID-19 pandemic. Scavenger Hunt Anywhere can help you plan your scavenger hunt professionally to make sure everything fits your plan. Our experts take care of everything to minimize the work on your end and allow your employees to have fun. Contact us today for communication about our programs and pricing.

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