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6 Company Values that Strengthen Company Culture and Profits

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Team Building | 0 comments

strengthening company cultureMany of us business owners and company leaders recognize that improved operations, revenue and profits often depend upon strengthening our company’s foundation.  Arguably, the foundation of any company, despite its products and services, is its people and culture.

Here at Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, we’re all about building cohesive teams and a strong sense of purpose among employees in the workplace. Unfortunately, however, there will always be obstacles to overcome in attaining a quality work environment and recently workplace bullying has stepped into the spotlight.

#1 Team building activities are often recognized as methods for building personal relationships and company culture.  Given that relevant team building exercises engage team members and are beneficial to the workplace, organizing corporate events is a logical step.  But it’s crucial to understand that building better teams goes beyond dreaming up unique team building event ideas alone.

You can move towards building strong, cohesive teams by putting into practice these 5 simple but necessary principals.  Seem like no-brainers?  Maybe, but you might be surprised to what degree these essentials are lacking in most workplaces.  As a leader in your own business, ask yourself – are these factors evident in your workplace?

#2 – Honesty
Honesty encompasses many ideas.  Obviously never stoop so low as to lie to employees as this will only serve to expunge your credibility.  However, do you impart all knowledge that you can to your employees?  Are you upfront about important facts and information?   Is your concept of what is “important” in-line with that of your staff?

No one wants half-truths.  For team members to feel engaged, they need open honesty straight from the top.   Honesty is what builds trust.


#3 – Trust
Do your employees trust you?  According to the 2011 Maritz Research Hospitality Group Engagement Poll, 25% of employees reported having less trust in management than they did just a year before.

On the flip side of this, do you trust your team?  Employees feel frustrated when senior management seemingly doesn’t trust them to do the job they were trained to do.  Beware; a lack of trust can lead to cracks in your team’s foundation.

#4 – Respect
You have to give what you want to get.  It makes no difference how “low” on the totem pole someone might be, everyone deserves to be treated with respect.  A successful company cannot survive without it.  It’s as simple as that.

#5 – Recognition
No matter what their position in an organization, employees desire recognition (to some degree) for the work they do.  It could be a simple thank you for a report, or it could be publically acknowledging the hard work of an individual or team.  According to the Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker September 2011 Report, 49% of employees said they would leave their job for a company that clearly recognized employees for their efforts and contributions.

Remember to keep a balance between individual recognition and team recognition; be careful that one does not solely take precedent over the other.

#6 – Support
Anything in life struggles to maintain its foundation without proper support – the same goes for business.  According to Glassdoor’s Q4 2012 Employment Confidence Survey, 17% of employees are worried about potentially losing their jobs in the next six months.

Employees need to feel secure and supported in their work in order to deliver the results your businesses strives for.  Provide the resources, the training and the team building exercises they need, provide support from all levels of management and be willing to stand behind your team and their work when the time calls for it.

These 6 principals may seem obvious, but all too often they slip from view and the solidity of teams waver.

Perhaps reviewing these principals is the first step to improving your company’s performance.

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