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Evaluate your participants’ efforts with our scavenger hunt metrics feature

by | Mar 7, 2017 | App, Scavenger Hunt Ideas, Scavenger Hunts, Team Building | 0 comments

Some of our clients are perfectly happy just knowing the total score that each team was able to achieve during their team building scavenger hunt.

Others may prefer to dive deeper into the data in order to understand what tasks their participants were successful with and what tasks they had trouble with.

Let’s say you had a training session of some kind before your scavenger hunt. You would like to know how successfully the participants have retained the knowledge from that training session. You could include some questions in the scavenger hunt related to the topics about which they learned. Then afterward, you access our metrics section and you can see which questions they answered correctly and which ones they missed. This could give you guidance into what topics should be reviewed more thoroughly in a follow-up session.
What a great way to connect your business objectives with your team building activity!

We are the only scavenger hunt company that we are aware of that provides access to this kind of in-depth analysis for clients. And speaking of our clients, click to see a partial client list and read some testimonials from some of our many happy clients.

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