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High-Tech Scavenger Hunts: Scavenger Hunt Anywhere Jumps on Opportunity To Use Mobile Apps

by | Nov 20, 2013 | News and Events | 0 comments

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere Releases New Mobile App for BlackberrySan Jose, USA, November 20, 2013: Smartphones and mobile apps have completely changed how business teams do their work and interact with each other. Corporate scavenger hunt provider embraces the move to smartphones for its team building exercises.  

Within recent years, Andrew Long, president and CEO of Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, a provider of scavenger hunts for business teams, noticed a distinct shift in how participants were moving through their scavenger hunts.  Smart phones had become a go-to tool for quick answers.  So rather than fight the trend Scavenger Hunt Anywhere quickly started development on its own app.

Long explains, “We were getting a couple of client requests and we definitely wanted to move on this to keep a competitive edge, but primarily, we saw an opportunity to provide a more seamless experience for clients. Information like results and photos, are now available immediately. On the operations side of things, we have been able to cut costs since we no longer need to ship boxes of printed material around the world.”

Since releasing its first iPhone and Android apps in early 2013, Scavenger Hunt Anywhere has conducted over 100 app-run corporate scavenger hunts in cities all over the United States, Canada and overseas. The company recently released a Blackberry 10 version of their application.

“Within the corporate market, Blackberry is still an important player and we need to make sure we are offering versions for as many of our clients as possible.” says Long.

As the team building experience continues to evolve for corporate groups, Scavenger Hunt Anywhere continues examine how its clients use their phones throughout their exercise and incorporate new ideas that both entertain participants and challenge their problem-solving skills.

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