Hunting for New Ideas

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Corporate Meetings & Incentives magazine, June 2003
By: Andrew Long

Scavenger hunts have long been a popular social function at meetings, conferences and off-sites. Adding a theme can bring new life to this tried and true team building activity. An interesting theme will ensure that your group is engaged and energized by an event that they will find unique and exciting. Here are some theme ideas:

  • Works very well in a resort setting.
  • Each team is assigned an animal that is native to the local area.
  • Teams create a song, chant or howl that represents their animal.
  • In winter, have teams build a snow sculpture of their animal.
  • Teams alternate between hunting and stations.
  • Each station is a challenging team building game.
  • Real athletes or actors can be stationed along the way.
  • Have a medal ceremony after the event.
  • The hunt is tied in with specific holidays or the time of year.
  • Collected objects include chocolate, candy canes or other seasonal items.
  • Groups take photographs with seasonal themes.
  • Include seasonal or holiday trivia in your hunt.
  • Tie the theme of the meeting, corporate messaging or product lines into the hunt.
  • Teams take photographs that show products or exemplify corporate messages.
  • Teams collect objects and must explain how they relate to corporate values.
  • Choose observers to evaluate participants on their team skills.

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