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News & Media Scavenger Hunt Anywhere offers active team building sessions

by | Feb 20, 2004 | News and Events, Team Building | 0 comments

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By: Andrew Long

You might recall participating in a scavenger hunt at some time in your life. Maybe it was a car rally in high school or an activity at a resort. Scavenger hunts have come a long way since then and have become a common activity for corporate groups.

Critical Pathfinders Adventure Training Inc. [Now: The Greatness Group] has established a division called Scavenger Hunt Anywhere that provides scavenger hunts to corporate teams. The scavenger hunts require teams to collect information, objects and photos, usually in the downtown part of the city. Clues are in random order, requiring teams to determine their most productive route and how to acquire more points than any other team.

The popularity of scavenger hunts in the business setting has been increasing for a variety of reasons. A scavenger hunt is a fun, active and safe social activity that everyone can enjoy. It is a great way for participants to get to know each other as they combine their efforts toward a common goal. Another great reason for running a hunt is that they are a great challenge of a group’s business skills. Consider the benefits of an activity that requires teams to prioritize, solve problems, be creative and learn about the diverse skills and knowledge that each team member contributes!

Many event planners want their scavenger hunt to be a learning experience for participants. As a division of a team training company, Scavenger Hunt Anywhere is well suited to run facilitated debriefings, which take place at the end of the hunt. A typical debriefing is a discussion based on the skills and behaviours used to accomplish the various tasks throughout the hunt and how these skills are relevant in a day-to-day business setting.

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere offers a variety of other optional features. A very common option is to have teams to take pictures of themselves in various locations. It is a great way to create lasting memories, as the pictures are made available to the participants afterwards both in print an in a private web photo gallery.

Scavenger hunts can be appropriate in many situations, including:

  • A corporate group looking for an active, social team building activity.
  • An engaging downtown tour for groups visiting from out-of-town.
  • An alternative or complement to a corporate picnic, employee day or company day.
  • A seasonal activity such as an Easter or Christmas themed hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere works with companies of local, national and international scope. Recent clients include Creo, Kraft, Kimberly-Clark, McKinsey Consulting and Volkswagen.

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