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Nurturing Happy Employees With Fun Team Building Activities

by | Jul 15, 2012 | Team Building | 0 comments

As an employer you already know it can be a trying task to seek out and find those potential employees who not only have  energy and skill, but who are a great fit with your organization.  Sometimes, however, what is most challenging is figuring out how to keep your employees motivated and happy.

For today’s employees, it’s not a matter of simply landing the job; employees actively seek out companies that best meet their personal and emotional needs.  So how do you attract the right candidates and entice them to stay?  A  nurturing working environment is  key, and a huge factor to cultivating that  environment depends on how well your employees work together.

No matter what the circumstance – professional, personal or otherwise – there is one truth of teams everywhere:  those who are a part of a team want to feel like they are a part of the team.  Organizing fun team building activities such a corporate scavenger hunt is an excellent tactic for achieving business team cohesiveness.

As an employer, your survival depends on your ability to attract and retain quality talent.  Depending, of course, on your particular industry and situation, here are a few suggestions:

  • Invest in the career development of your employees.  Be willing to train your employees not only in skills that pertain specifically to their trade, but provide them transferable job skills as well.
  • Provide the best team environment in your industry. High-quality, well-planned team building activities are highly underrated.
  • Provide career counseling. This is an excellent way to attract and retain talent!
  • Conduct “on-boarding interviews” when employees are hired.  This will help you to determine the attractive attributes of your company so that you may continue to build on these and expand.
  • Establish a work environment that provides work-life balance.

Companies who are recognized for great work usually have a great team to thank.  An organization is only as strong as those who stand behind it.  The value of a strong working team armed with the right tools for their job is priceless.

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