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Scavenger Hunt Anywhere breaks the world record!

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Las Vegas, NV, April 17, 2014:
Corporate team building provider, Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, organizes and runs the largest scavenger hunt in history for a corporate group in Las Vegas on April 15, 2014.

With only one month’s notice, Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, at the request of a corporate client, has arranged and run the world’s largest scavenger hunt. The group of 1546 people in Las Vegas significantly eclipsed the official world record of 924, which was set in Chicago in 2011.

Co-owner and President of Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, Andrew Long, explains, “We have been running corporate team building scavenger hunts since 2002. The recent development of our Scavenger Hunt Anywhere Smartphone App has allowed us to scale our events to a much larger size.”

Since running its first corporate scavenger hunt in 2002, Scavenger Hunt Anywhere has conducted over 1500 corporate scavenger hunts in cities all over the United States, Canada and overseas, for groups both large and small.

“The corporate market is always looking for value added,” says Long. “Our clients want team building events that build relationships, of course, but also activities that challenge their teams’ skills such as teamwork, prioritization and leadership. Our program does this.”

“This big scavenger hunt solidifies our position as the world’s largest provider of corporate scavenger hunts and proves that we are capable of handling any size of group,” added Long. Since we started, we’ve run what is probably the world’s smallest corporate hunt, which was 5 people, and now also the biggest hunt on record.”

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