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Scavenger Hunt App Gives Instant Access To Photos and Videos

by | Mar 3, 2017 | App, Scavenger Hunts | 0 comments

Using the Scavenger Hunt Anywhere smartphone app, participants in our scavenger hunts take photos with their own devices and these are automatically uploaded to our server.

This feature has several advantages over other ways of running scavenger hunts such as using digital cameras or Polaroids:

  1. The Scavenger Hunt Anywhere staff are able to review the photos for accuracy and assign bonus points or a penalty if needed. And this all happens while the scavenger hunt is still in progress.
  2. All the photos from the scavenger hunt are inmediately downloadable with just a couple of clicks. These photos are the property of our clients and can be used for a slideshow or for internal communications such as a department newsletter or on Intranet sites.
  3. Because the photos can be downloaded at any time it is possible to create a slideshow while the scavenger hunt is still in progress. Imagine your participants arriving at the finish venue and seeing their photos already up on the big screen.

This easy access to the hunt photos is just one of many reasons why our smart phone app has changed the very nature of the activity.

As an additional service, for clients who are so inclined, we will go through all the photos, choose the best ones and post them on our Facebook page. Visit the page to see fantastic pictures of people having fun doing a scavenger hunt.

Welcome to Scavenger Hunt Anywhere!

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