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Scavenger hunt results available immediately with automatic scoring

by | Mar 4, 2017 | App, Team Building | 0 comments

The introduction of the Scavenger Hunt Anywhere smartphone app has led to many efficiencies for us and our clients.

Because points are awarded automatically by our system each time a team submits a task this means that when the hunt is finished, the results are immediately available, both to our staff and our clients.

The results can be viewed by our clients simply by logging into our system with their unique username and password.

Also, within 10 minutes of the hunt being finished our clients automatically receive an email with the results.

This automated process allows the results presentation to take place immediately at the end of the hunt.

This is a big change to the old pen and paper hunt that we used to use and many providers still continue to use. A pen and paper hunt must be manually scored by a human being and although this is not hard, it does take time and can lead to delays in presenting the results. Such delays can allow the excitement and anticipation to dissipate which is something that no longer happens with our programs.

For more information about how this all works please contact Scavenger Hunt Anywhere.

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