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Tales From The Hunt #1 – A 1971 Penny

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Scavenger Hunts, Tales From The Hunt | 0 comments

In our old scavenger hunt format, we used to require teams to bring back certain collected objects. The trick was coming up with a list of items that they could obtain at no cost without bothering local businesses. We would have them bring back objects like:

  • A feather
  • A coffee bean
  • A local sports team logo

And my favourite: A 1971 penny.

Teams would return with many of the items in a Ziploc bag. Sometimes they would actually have found a penny with the date of 1971. Sometimes they would make a tiny sticker with 1971 written on it and submit that.

The best submission was a team that submitted a team member whose name was Penny and was born in 1971 – proved by the team when they showed her driver’s licence!

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