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Team Building Case Study – Vine and Partners

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Canada Scavenger Hunts, Scavenger Hunts, Team Building, Uncategorized | 0 comments

In today’s interconnected world, savvy businesses understand the importance of team building. One such company is Vine and Partners, LLP

Vine and Partners is based in Hamilton, Ontario and provides a variety of accounting services to business owners with the purpose of improving the financial performance of their client companies. Effective communication among Vine and Partners’ team of 35 staff is paramount which is why the company invests in team building activities such as corporate scavenger hunts.

Their most recent team building activity was a scavenger hunt that took place in Niagara Falls in September 2013. Seeking to have a professional organization execute a successful team building event, Vine hired Scavenger Hunt Anywhere to run it for them.

Vine and Partners originally hired Scavenger Hunt Anywhere in 2004 and came back 9 years later to experience the new smart phone scavenger hunt offered by the team building company.

According to Linda Mirabelli, “Vine and Partners values team building because effective teams are productive teams and, given the size and structure of our firm, Vine & Partners functions most efficiently when we all work as a team towards a common and meaningful purpose. It was valuable for our team members to get to know fellow employees that they do not normally get the opportunity to work with in the office.”

Mirabelli continues, “The main benefit Vine expects from the team building experience is that employees will return to the work place and translate the enhanced relationships into improved team functioning. Vine & Partners management will look for benefits such as greater team cohesiveness and higher morale as well as looking for improved team results in achieving common goals, improving customer relations, adhering to professional standards etc.”

The participants in the scavenger hunt most enjoyed the challenge of the activity and the healthy competition between teams.

Smart companies invest in their employees and Vine and Partners is definitely one that does.

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