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What Makes a Good Scavenger Hunt Location

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Team Building

If you are planning a corporate team building scavenger hunt, one of your main decisions will be the location.  However, location should not be the first thing you consider.  The first thing to consider is your team building objectives.

If you are clear on your objectives, then let’s find you the best location because you need to determine where your scavenger hunt will take place.  For most corporate groups, the obvious location is the downtown area of a city.  However, there may be other locations within the city or suburbs that work.  And sometimes a group will be at a resort which may also be a good spot for a hunt.

The Best Scavenger Hunt Locations

The ideal location for a scavenger hunt is an area of relative density with a high concentration of points of interest and other landmarks. This allows participants to walk the hunt area comfortably and means that there won’t be a lot of time between different tasks or points of interest.

The area should be relatively clean and safe and it also helps if it is easy to get to the location from your corporate office or meeting venue.  For this reason, you will see that most of the spots listed on our scavenger hunt locations page are big cities with vibrant downtown areas.  Most of our clients have offices in downtown areas and so they can start their scavenger hunt right from their office and end at a nearby venue such as a bar or restaurant.

Great Scavenger Hunt Locations

There are many examples of good locations within major cities. Here are some examples of good locations for a company scavenger hunt. Our Chicago scavenger hunt takes place in the south loop and magnificent Mile area. Our Toronto scavenger hunt takes place in the financial and entertainment areas of downtown although the city has numerous other great options.  Our Seattle scavenger hunt takes place in the financial area and Pike Place Market and our Las Vegas scavenger hunt takes place on The Strip, of course.

These are just a few examples, and you can check our locations page to get details about the many other locations that we serve. And as an aside, if you don’t see your location on the list that doesn’t mean we can’t do a scavenger hunt there. Please just contact us if that’s the case and let us know where you would like to have your scavenger hunt. One of our scavenger hunt experts will help you evaluate your proposed location.

Downtown Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts work best when there is an area of relative density where the distance between points of interest is minimal. This way participants can walk a relatively small geographic area that has the challenges that they need to solve occurring more frequently and are physically closer together. In most cities this tends to be the downtown area or sometimes the financial or entertainment area.

Suburban Scavenger Hunts

Can you do your scavenger hunt in a suburban location? Yes.  Sometimes.   It is possible in and depends on the particulars of each location.  A suburban area will work if there is a walkable downtown area, sometimes referred to as a historic area or a historic downtown area.  A suburban area that you should look to avoid is one where most of the points of interest are spread out far from one another or there are lots of big box retailers or strip malls as these tend not to be particularly interesting areas.  It really does depend on the city and the particulars of each little suburb. Some examples of good suburban locations are our Oakville scavenger hunt and our Long Beach scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunts at Resorts

Can you have a scavenger hunt at a resort location? Again, it depends. If the resort location has a walkable tourist area than generally the answer is yes. Some examples of this include our Whistler scavenger hunt our Galveston scavenger hunt or our Waikiki scavenger hunt. It is also possible to do a scavenger hunt at a large resort property if there are enough areas within the resort where participants can walk and find answers to questions or solve different challenges.


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