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The 10 Best Scavenger Hunt Cities in the World

by | Feb 24, 2015 | International Scavenger Hunts, Scavenger Hunt Locations, Scavenger Hunts, Team Building | 0 comments

The Ten Best Corporate Scavenger Hunt Cities in the World

At Scavenger Hunt Anywhere we are in the business of providing corporate team building scavenger hunts. So when we consider a location for a scavenger hunt, there are numerous criteria that we look for including, but not limited to:

• Density. A term we use for how close together all the hunt tasks are, absed on the layout of the city.
• Interest. The best scavenger hunt content comes from interesting landmarks like hotels, museums, architecture and other points of interest.
• Safety. It just makes sense.
• Cleanliness. A clean city makes for a more pleasant scavenger hunt experience.
• Year-round availability. A program can be affected by adverse weather. Some places, as you will see, are weather-proof.
• Walkability. The best areas for scavenger hunts are pedestrian-friendly.
• Friendliness. If passers-by are friendly and helpful, that makes for a more enjoyable scavenger hunt.

Toronto, Canada Safe, clean and friendly with a downtown that has many points of interest, Toronto is a fantastic hunt location. The office buildings and downtown landmarks are all connected by The PATH which is a network of underground tunnels. This makes the Toronto a great hunt location 365 days of the year.

London, England With so much history and beautiful architecture, London has to be on this list. The city is so dense that there are seemingly infinite possible places that a scavenger hunt could take place. You’ll almost never run into an issue with snow here, so as long as you have a mac you’ll be protected from the worst of London’s weather.

Las Vegas, USA No trip to Las Vegas is complete without a scavenger hunt along the Las Vegas Strip. One of the most visually enticing locations in the world, Las Vegas is definitely an adult playground. Over the years we have found that a photo scavenger hunt works best in Las Vegas since any trivia question we might ask about any Las Vegas landmark can be answered with a quick web search! Passers-by are sure to lend a hand to teams doing a Las Vegas scavenger hunt.

Toyko, Japan Arguably one of the safest big cities on the planet, Toyko has a lot to offer corporate groups on a scavenger hunt. It is an excellent location for a scavenger hunt because of the variety of landmarks and historical points of interest all confined within walkable areas.

Shanghai, China A great place to walk is The Bund area of Shanghai. Here, the beautiful European Colonial architecture is mixed with views of the modern Pudong area. There are lots of points of interest and the place is clean and seems pretty safe as well.

Rome, Italy There are so many great European cities for scavenger hunts it is hard to pick. Rome makes the list for the impressiveness of its landmarks including stunning churches, beautiful statues, lovely architecture and refreshing green space. Combine all of those with a very walkable city and you have a fantastic scavenger hunt location.

Paris, France Turn a corner in Paris and you’ll want to take another picture. Or set up an easel and paint the scene. Paris is rich in history and architecture and a fabulous scavenger hunt location. It’s safe and clean and there are numerous areas from which to choose. Every corporate group visiting Paris should do a scavenger hunt.

Vienna, Austria Another fantastic European city for a scavenger hunt, Vienna is rich in history and architecture as well. The Altstadt (old town) is a large pedestrian-only area so this adds a level of safety that other cities don’t have. How can you not want to do a scavenger hunt here?

Chicago, USA Known worldwide for its architecture and great urban planning, Chicago is another great US city for a scavenger hunt. Surprisingly beautiful along the lake and South Michigan Avenue, Chicago also boasts a friendly local population sure to steer scavenger hunt teams in the right direction.

Melbourne, Australia It was tough to pick between Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, which are all good scavenger hunt locations. Melbourne wins out though for its laneways and arcades which are interesting places in which to conduct scavenger hunts.

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