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Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities Bellevue

Bellevue is centrally located in the Northwest and is one of the most vibrant economic and business centers, offering a relaxed and accessible setting with big-city amenities and spectacular natural beauty. The scavenger hunt takes place in the downtown area and incorporates parks, monuments, history, architecture and interesting landmarks.

This map shows the approximate area in which our Belleview team building scavenger hunt takes place.

Here are some sample scavenger hunt tasks for Bellevue:

Take a photo of your team celebrating in front of the Waterfall in Downtown Park, with at least ONE duck included in the image.

Which scenic vistas can be viewed from hilltops and strategically positioned high-rise buildings within the city?

Why does the back of the City of Bellevue Park “Scoop/Leash Law” sign have a padlock?