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Foxwoods Team Building Scavenger Hunt

Our Foxwoods Scavenger Hunt is a fun an active team building activity set amidst the excitement and allure of Foxwoods Resort and Casino. This engaging experience takes participants through key locations within the resort, including the Grand Pequot Tower, Rainmaker Square, the Fox Tower and more. Your group will see parts of Foxwoods that they would normally overlook while collaborating to answer questions, take photos and visit checkpoints in this dynamic and competitive challenge.

Because the bulk of the points of interest at Foxwoods are indoors, this is a true year-round activity because our scavenger hunt takes place mostly indoors. Thus the Foxwoods hunt is a suitable team building program for a corporate group in spring, summer, fall or winter!

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Foxwoods scavenger hunt sample tasks

Take a photo of your team posed as archers alongside a statue with a bow and arrow.

The waterfall wishing well (located in the Fox Tower) sees many coins thrown into it. To whom are these proceeds donated?

Take a photo of your team in front of a cow.

Take a photo of your team with someone famous outside the Sugar Factory.

The Fox Tower hotel previously operated under a different name. What was the hotel’s previous name?

Take a short video of your team acting like high rollers in front of the High Rollers area.


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