Get On Board
Gamify your Onboarding

Turn your onboarding process into a game! Impress your new or prospective employees and build company spirit with a smartphone scavenger hunt customized for your organization.

People that are new to your company need to find their way around and learn about the available resources. We turn the typical onboarding process into a fun and interactive game which helps people get to know each other, your company and the local area.

Customized questions based on your company take participants to the places you want them to see. You can communicate any additional information about your company that you want such as culture, history, employee resources and more.

Photo opportunities help build team spirit, add to the fun and help participants remember what’s important.

Our metrics feature allows you to look at a tally for each task to ensure comprehension of learning material and engagement with your corporate culture. You can use this information to improve your onboarding and further optimizing your scavenger hunt content for the next group of new hires.