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Get On Board! Gamify your Onboarding

Gamify Onboarding?

Yes! With new hires, speed to productivity is vital. We can help get your new hires productive sooner.

Using our scavenger hunt technology we can create a fun and interactive game that will help your company:

  • Quickly build relationships among new hires.
  • Get to know the local business area.
  • Reinforce corporate culture, vision and values.
  • Highlight internal resources and services.
  • Increase retention of key information from classroom training.
  • Measure effectiveness of new employee training.

What We Do

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere has been providing scavenger hunts to corporate groups since 2002.  Our industry-leading smartphone app contains functions that are not possible in regular pen-and-paper scavenger hunts.

If your company regularly onboards groups of employees, we create a fun, active customized scavenger hunt just for you.  The scavenger hunt is a list of fun and engaging tasks that could include any of the following:

  • Trivia and photo tasks which can be completed by exploring the local area.
  • Photo and video tasks themed around key elements of your corporate culture and vision.
  • Quiz-type questions that re-prompt participants if they answer incorrectly.
  • Voting questions so you can informally poll your new employees.

Also, our hunt system has additional features like:

  • Instant availability of results – no waiting around for scoring.
  • Instant photo previews so you can show photos right away.
  • One-click download of all photos and videos so you can present them in later sessions.
  • Metrics function that shows success of each team by task. This allows you to understand what information participants need to revisit in future training sessions.

How Does It Work?

We start by consulting with you about your desired outcomes. We build a hunt designed specifically to meet these outcomes.  And no matter what we build, you can be sure that the hunt will be fun and engaging for participants.

You pick the date, time and location and our events team will show up and facilitate the program for you. We also offer self-facilitated programs.


What if your employees could be more productive more quickly?  What if this could be done in a fun, entertaining format?