What is a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is an active and enjoyable team activity that is based on a list of questions to be answered and photos to be taken. Some tasks can be completed at specific locations, others can be done at various locations. The questions are in random order, requiring the teams to determine their route and which tasks they will try to accomplish in the allocated time. Each team selects a unique route which means that teams don’t follow each other, however they frequently see each other along the way.

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Is that the same as a treasure hunt?

A treasure hunt is a series of clues that lead a group along a set route to a final destination. Generally, the first team to reach the finish is the winning team. Because scavenger hunts are more of a problem-solving activity, the winning team is not the one that is most physically fit, but rather the one with the strongest team skills such as creativity, problem-solving, leadership and communication.  That is why we feel this is a better option for a team building program than a treasure hunt format.

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Is It Like The Amazing Race?

Our scavenger hunt has similar features to The Amazing Race, without being a fitness challenge. During the scavenger hunt, teams check in at various checkpoints. At these checkpoints they must complete a challenge task, such as solving a riddle, to earn a password.  But again, our program is not a race – we don’t want to favour those participants that are more physically fit than others.  We would rather challenge your participants’ business skills.

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Smart Phone Scavenger Hunt?

Our industry-leading Scavenger Hunt Anywhere smart phone app gives our programs a high coolness factor! Participants use their own phones to navigate the hunt area, answer questions and take pictures. Results are available immediately after the hunt and photos are available for download.

Each team downloads the Scavenger Hunt Anywhere App onto their smart phone(s). A minimum of one smart phone per team is required. This can be an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone.  The app also works on many tablets such as iPads.

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How Long Does The Scavenger Hunt Last?

Our hunts are designed to fill the amount of time you have allocated to your event. Anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours is ideal.  In some locations we would not recommend the full 4 hours.  Contact us to learn more.

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How Much Work Is It For Us To Organize?

One of our primary goals is to minimize the amount of work required at your end. Once you have made your booking, we will require less than 30 minutes of your precious time. All we need to know from you is the date, time and location. We handle the rest. We also suggest that our clients divide the group up into teams.

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How Far In Advance Do We Need To Book?

Usually people ask us this when timelines are very short. We have put together many highly successful events for our clients with less than a week’s notice. Generally, more time is better. But if you need help in a hurry, contact us and we’ll help you out.

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What Locations Do You Serve?

We can run a scavenger hunt anytime, anywhere. We have provided scavenger hunts in over 100 locations across North America. If we have never run a hunt in your desired location, we will do a scouting visit and design a flawless scavenger hunt for your group. Click on locations to learn more. We also service all Canadian cities as well as many countries overseas including, but not limited to, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and more.

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Are Scavenger Hunt Anywhere’s Staff Sourced Locally?

Yes, almost always.  Sometimes, if a client gives us a short lead time, we will need to bring staff from another location.  We do this at our expense however.

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Can You Facilitate the Hunt So Our Group Can Learn From It?

Absolutely! Because of our training and development background and also because our scavenger hunts are a great challenge of your group’s team skills, it is a natural next step for us to turn your event into a productive learning experience. A skilled facilitator helps participants identify the business skills used in the hunt and how these skills can be used in the daily operation of your business.

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Where Does The Scavenger Hunt Start And Finish?

Anywhere in or near the scavenger hunt area is suitable. Most groups start and finish at a meeting room or restaurant, however if you don’t have a venue, we can recommend a good location. Our event staff can help you by providing more information on where the hunt area is in your desired location.

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What If It Rains?

Our hunts run rain or shine (or snow!). As long as your group dresses for the weather they will have fun. Some cities have underground or above-ground shopping concourses that are ideal weather-protection for your group (examples: Calgary, Houston, Montreal, Minneapolis, Toronto). You may also purchase our Event Weather Insurance. For a small additional cost, you can book a backup date or alternatively our hunt leader can come equipped with backup indoor activities so your event is guaranteed not to be affected by rain! If you need more details about this, please ask.

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Can You Handle Large Groups?

Any size at all. If you have 2000 people, no problem! We have a few tricks up our sleeve to ensure that the teams stay spread out.

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Is It A Lot of Walking?

That is up to each team. Some tasks in our hunts require more walking and other tasks require less walking. If a team is energetic, they may choose to cover a greater distance. If a team wants to minimize walking, then they may focus on completing tasks that are in a smaller area. Either way, wear comfortable shoes!

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Where can I find client testimonials?

Check out our testimonials page. We also have an extensive client list. If you work for a big company there is a good chance that we’ve served your company before – check the list.

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2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I work for an orthodontic clinic in SW Calgary. We were hoping to arrange a scavenger hunt for a fun teambuilding exercise in the late spring/early summer. I was hoping to get quotes for a group of 18-20 people, both bronze and silver. Thanks!

    • Hi Janine,

      Thank you for your interest.

      The best location for the hunt would be in the downtown area. It is the most dense area and most suitable for walking around. As well the +15 makes your event weatherproof.

      I will have our business development team follow up with you by email.

      Thanks for your interest and have a great day!

      Andrew :)

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