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Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities Quebec City

The Great Quebec Scavenger Hunt is a team building event that takes place in downtown Quebec City. This team building scavenger hunt challenges participants to visit various locations while deciphering clues, solving puzzles and answering local and provincial trivia questions.

Your group will certainly enjoy North America’s only walled city with its interesting history and French-Canadian charm. Experience the beautiful architecture and very strong French culture while exploring popular tourist areas including Parliament, Vieux-Quebec, various historical statues, sites and monuments, churches, beautiful Chateau Frontenac and much, much more.

This scavenger hunt can be run all year long. This is a beautiful place to be outside, in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter! In fact, in spite of the cold, people flock to the city because of its beauty and character that it has only in the wintertime.

Here is a map showing the boundaries of our Quebec City Scavenger Hunt:

Some locations that are nearby:

Mont Tremblant
Montreal Downtown
Old Montreal

Sample Quebec City Scavenger Hunt Challenges

Here are some sample scavenger hunt tasks for Quebec:

What does “Beating the Retreat” mean at La Citadelle?

What is the nickname of the staircase leading down to Lower Quebec?(Hint: it was named by accident).

Take a photo of a cannonball lodged in a tree.