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Mont Tremblant Team Building Scavenger Hunts

A great place to visit in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the village at Mont Tremblant is a great place for a scavenger hunt. The village is a pedestrian-only area so there are no cars to get in the way. And there is just a lot to see here. The different chairlifts and gondolas, ski runs and the european-style layout of the stores and restaurants.

Your team building scavenger hunt in Mont Tremblant is sure to be popular with your corporate group! 

Mont Tremblant Scavenger Hunt Boundaries


Mont Tremblant Scavenger Hunt Testimonial


Mont Tremblant Sample Tasks

Find a bull with a ring through its nose. What colour is the ring?

Take a photo of your team at the bottom of Destination Soleil gondola.

Take a photo of your team all sitting together in a giant chair.

On the logo for La Tour des Voyageurs, what mode of transportation is depicted? 

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