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New Feature! Review Request

by | Feb 12, 2019 | App, News and Events, Scavenger Hunts | 0 comments

One thing we’ve NOT been good at is asking our corporate participants for ratings of the Scavenger Hunt Anywhere smartphone app in the App Store and on Google Play.

Because we only serve corporate groups we have noticed two things:

  1. We do not get reviews from our clients, because once their event is done, they would never go out of their way to go to the App Store to leave a review.
  2. The general public stumbles across our app, tries to load it, cannot log in, gets frustrated and leaves a negative review. If you look at our listings you will see these kinds of negative feedback. These people do not understand that our app is only for our corporate clients.

We have decided to include a rating request within the app. Right after the hunt timer gets to zero, we ask users for feedback and direct them to the review pages if they are willing.

We anticipate that over time, we will collect many positive reviews and we look forward to reading and responding to them! And if you would leave us a review, we’d sure appreciate it. Just go to the store and search for scavhuntany


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