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Volunteambuilding – Expanding the Reach of Corporate Social Responsibility

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Team Building | 0 comments

Everyone has heard of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but not everyone is aware of the importance of well-thought-out CSR initiatives to their organization. But CSR is indeed important.

According to Leslie Bennett, co-founder of Open Spaces Learning, CSR is important to companies because “When employees are positive about their organisation’s CSR commitment, employee engagement rises to 86%”according to an a Sirota Survey Intelligence survey. And companies with more engaged employees do better financially – plain and simple. Gallup research documented productivity increases of 18% and operating margins up by 27%, just to name a couple of the statistics.

For those companies that want to do more in the area of CSR without a major commitment, or for companies that already invest in CSR initiatives, Scavenger Hunt Anywhere, and its parent company, The Greatness Group, have an answer.

Introducing Pay It Forward. Available as a stand-alone program or as a scavenger hunt add-on, Pay It Forward takes a simple concept, giving back, and turns it into a powerful and meaningful activity. Here is how it works:

A corporate group is divided into teams and each team is given a quantity of money, usually $100. The teams are given the mandate to go out into the local community to make a difference. It need not be a charitable effort, but teams have the option to do that if they wish. Teams are assigned points based on their success in certain areas: the creativity of their idea, the number of people potentially impacted by their effort, the anticipated ROI on their time and money and the insights they generate for themselves.

Each team writes a brief report detailing their success during the program and as an optional add-on teams are given camcorders and make a documentary of their team in action.

Participants have fun, get to know each other better and get to make a difference at the same time.

Companies that want to experiment with CSR programs or companies that want to expand their CSR efforts can do Pay It Forward as a scavenger hunt add-on by contacting Scavenger Hunt Anywhere or as a stand-alone program by contacting The Greatness Group.

Companies that want to explore CSR in more detail and learn about programs whose benefits include a 30% increase in productivity, employee engagement and innovation should contact Open Spaces Learning.

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