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Scavenger Hunt Themes

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Team Building

We were recently asked about what themes we can provide for our scavenger hunts. The short answer is: “Almost anything!”. Here is how we think about themes and some examples of how we incorporate them into our programs.

Inherent Themes for Each Location

Because our scavenger hunts always happen in a specific location, they already have the inherent theme of that location. Our Toronto Scavenger Hunt has a built-in Toronto theme. Our Chicago Scavenger Hunt is all about Chicago. Our New York Financial District Scavenger Hunt is themed around the FiDi. You get the idea.

Examples of location-based theme questions:

  • What metal is used as an accent in the lobby of Toronto’s Royal York Hotel?
  • Take a photo of 3 different kinds of Caesars in one shot [Las Vegas].
  • How many cathedral bells at Philadelphia’s Christ Church were brought over from England?

Theme Add-Ons

Apart from location-themed questions, we can add some content for your group’s scavenger hunt based on almost any theme you can think of. These themes can be whimsical and fun or they can tie in with your line of business. Or both! Here a few themes that we’ve done in the past:

  • James Bond
  • 35th Anniversary
  • Health and Wellness
  • Indiana Jones
  • Christmas
  • Hallowe’en
  • Austin Powers
  • Customer Service Challenge
  • Selfie Challenge

And there are so many more ideas that we’d just love to try with your group:

Corporate Content

Another way we can theme a scavenger hunt is related to content from your company or meeting: Customized photo tasks. Checkpoints with trivia challenges. Customized video tasks. Voting tasks to poll your team. Quiz tasks to reinforce learning content.

Case Study: James Bond Theme

Read our next post to see how we incorporated a James Bond theme AND customized content AND the need for sightseeing into one of our scavenger hunts.


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